Description of the educational game

Inclusion Bridges is a game designed in the project “Social Inclusion Out of the Box” to promote social inclusion through creativity, especially among young people. The monsters of social exclusion have invaded the Earth. The players become superheroes who will need to build magic bridges capable to transform the monsters into acts of inclusion.

This game is an app. You can download the app in your smartphone via Google Play or the App Store. Nexes can also facilitate a workshop where it is possible to play the game collectively and reflect upon the topic.

Key features

> Play and learn about social inclusion while having fun
> Easy to learn how to play
> 11 different scenarios (11 countries) to complete
> Select among 6 different characters
> Complete all stages to unlock a special weapon
> 9 available languages: English, Spanish, German, Italian, Dutch, Czech, Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepali

Age recommended

10-years-old and above

Number of participants

4 to 25 players (divided in teams)

Target audience

> High schools and schools
> Esplais and Scout groups
> Associations
> Cooperatives and companies
> City halls / Town halls
> Civic centres
> Casals and ateneus

A person trained in the subject and experienced in facilitating the game will come to your center. In all cases we require the presence of a properly trained person to ensure the veracity of the contents and the quality of the educational experience.


Game time

3 options:
> Workshop: Game play + Reflection (1h30)
> Training : Game play + Reflection + Conceptualization (2h30)
> Extensive training: Play + Reflection + Topic training (4h)


> Learn about social inclusion