Inauguration of the photographic exhibition in memoriam of Pablo Picaza


Nexes, CONTRABANDA FM, Drinkers Football Team, music group “Tandooris”, theater group and group The tribe have organized this photographic exhibition that is a sample of the work of our dear friend and collaborator of so many adventures Pablo Picaza, a versatile person: photographer, musician, writer, tireless traveler and president of Radio Contrabanda FM.

From Bilbao, “adopted” by Barcelona and neighbor of the Gothic quarter, Pablo Picaza found in photography the means of expressing his passion for travel, for social issues, for music and for the scenic act. He also knew how to capture scenes of the streets he was traveling, with his watchful eye on the lights and shadows of a city like Barcelona. With Nexes Pablo (Pei for friends) has collaborated on many projects: we want to remember the Zumbí Project and, above all, the work for the creation and implementation of the two editions of Cameras of the World.

The inauguration will be at Pati Limona (Regomir 3, Barcelona) on Friday 6 September, at 7:30 p.m.

The photographic exhibition will be at Pati Limona from 6 to 26 September