Human Library of Knowledge: a space to share knowledge and personal stories and to experience diversity


Do you know that on the 10th of December is the International Human Rights Day? And that on the 18th of December 2022, is the International Day of the Migrant?

To commemorate these days, the District of Sarria San Gervasi proposes for the “Days on Human Rights and Migration” to be carried out in December. During the month you will be able to participate in various workshops and activities promoted by entities such as Africa Sense Fronteres, Fundació Guné, Sarriá San Gervasi Refugi, Fundació Putxet and more.

Last year, Nexes coordinated the Human Library! Do you remember? An event where instead of getting to know a story by reading a book, you learnt about the migration story of a person through his own narration.

This year, because we like listening to stories while playing and learning collaboratively, we want to give it a more interactive touch! Some will say that we are the stories we tell ourselves, right? But we are also our talents, knowledge and skills.

During the new edition of the Library 2022, we invite you to participate in various workshops where you will learn new skills, like sewing clothes with Suley who arrived 3 years ago from Senegal, playing a Cameroonian musical instrument with Charles, dancing like in Panama with Niky…

We are waiting for you on Saturday, December 17th from 10AM to 2PM. at the Teatre Sarrià. Together we will create a space to experience the richness that our diversity brings.