How to become a Migrantour intercultural companion in 10 steps


In Migrantour, we develop guided routes that are usually 2-hour walking tours that include 5 to 7 stops. These routes are collectively developed by intercultural companions.

But do you know what it means to be a Migrantour intercultural companion?

Each person who will give a guided tour will have done prior work to recognize her/his life journey and shape it so that she/he can tell it as a story linked to the places where she/he lives and works. The routes will be shared with the public in an empowering and educational way during the guided walking tour.

All this requires a few training sessions to be ready to guide a Migrantour route! Here is the recipe.

  1. Have a very diverse group of people, counting about 10 participants from various countries around the world such as Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Morocco, the Philippines …;
  2. Participate in activities and meetings so that this group can get to know each other, can exchange their experiences, discuss topics that interest them…;
  3. Make sure that everyone of this group feel comfortable and that each one of them feel safe  to express themselves and share;
  4. Attend a training of 8 sessions for your participants to become intercultural companion for Migrantour;
  5. Explore and share topics related to the personal history of each member of the group, asking questions such as: what was the reason for moving from my country of origin? How was the road to Barcelona? How is my life now and how has it changed? ;
  6. Get to know oneself better under new perspectives
  7. Explore and learn about the Raval neighborhood, district where the Migrantour route will take place and how places can be related to personal history. Explore social entities such as the Top Manta Union, the Pan-African Library and the Gimnàs Social Sant Pau
  8. Listen to other stories and ask oneself about the history of migration at the global level, at the national and local level, about intercultural dialogue and the spaces that generate it such as Mescladís;
  9. Gain new skills such as public speaking, story-telling, knowing how to answer difficult questions thanks to some testimonials from experienced guides;
  10. Give a route!