Game design for inclusion, international seminar of Game On in Cagliari

Game Design_Cagliari event_2-21

From the 14th to 18th of November, an international seminar of game design for inclusion will be held in Cagliari, Italy.

This international seminar will be hosted by NUR as part of Game On, a European project that brings together 4 countries with the main aim of upscaling partners’ experiences in using game design as a tool for inclusion.

Game On develops a theoretical background and concrete educational tools for youth workers, teachers, and educators in general, to promote social inclusion and critical thinking through game design learning and educational activities in our local communities.

Cagliari Game On international seminar is aiming to:

– share practices about game design for inclusion 

– support international new partnerships

– scale-up through dissemination and multiplying activities/strategies the outcomes of Game On

The seminar programme includes inputs, workshops, moments of sharing, a presentation of tools for inclusive game design, networking and strategy planning.

From Spain, there will be a total of 10 participants in the seminar (mostly from Catalonia, but also from Alicante) from Nexes, Idealudica and UB Barcelona.

Let’s all together scale-up game design for inclusion!