From global justice and peace, merry Christmas and a happy new year, nexians!


Surely neither of us, the Nexes team, nor almost any of you, will remember this year 2021 as the most joyful. However, it is wrong to magnify the difficulties and allow 365 days of livencies, new experiences and growth to end. Yeah, even the most complicated years are full of new adventures; and I’m already making progress, which I see with perspective, in Nexes we’ve learned a lot.

Anyone who would say that from those early-year meetings and webinars with colleagues from SSEds would end the final session in Turin by hugging us and sharing the moments we had not been able to live before. Also, that all the work done would see the light with all the tools of IMP’ACT.

Nor did we think the restrictions would result in the photographic project “New Normalities in the People’s Sec”. What a success!

Soon after, Sarah would join the team! That he’s just finishing his stage in Nexes. A year with her. We imagined everything we would learn from each other with her? In addition, this experience ends through the big door: La Biblioteca Vivent.

Besides, how many things have taught us since the design2learn.project?
Like all participants in PAP II. We’ve been destroyed with the workshop of new masculinities and lilac points in the Beasts. Like so many pupils who have changed their views thanks to “Codi 3b6i: Human rights in global action”, and who will now do so with “Migrarratives”.

And we cannot ignore mobility, we have had the luck this year to receive 17 young people from all over Europe, as well as to send 16 to Italy, Ireland, Austria Germany, who would like to… We have also been able to advise on the international mobility of marshals while training those organisations or companies that would receive the volunteers .

How many things we’ve experienced! Nothing can cover up this year’s great adventures, because we’ve been full of them, and I’m sure you too! Think about it. I’m sure you’ve got a thousand stories to tell, don’t let anything or anyone cover them.

From the Nexes team, we wish you merry christmas and a happy 2021 full of adventures, peace and global justice.