From Barcelona to Italy and from Italy to Barcelona: Ágora’s project

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In February Nexes closed a cycle of 15 workshops that worked themes as “gender and education”, “gender and violence” and “Gender, Sexual and Ethnic Minorities” in Besòs and Poble-Sec to young people between 12 and 15 years old. 

During the workshops, techniques such as image theatre, forum theatre, and cafeteria were used. The activities were planned and organized by Sandra, Paula, Nerea, Gemma and Dalila, the 5 participants in our local group with the support of the Nexes team.

These activities are part of the Agorà project, which aims to develop pedagogical tools and approaches to combat the social exclusion of young people, specifically gender discrimination, in public spaces located in isolated areas. 

These workshops have been developed during the training “Methodologies to address discrimination based on gender” in Italy during September and October 2021 with members of other organizations from Greece (BREAK THE BORDERS), France (LE BRUIT DE LA CONVERSATION), Italy (Lunária) and Romania (UNIVERSITUR). 

AGORÀ is a Strategic Association project in the field of innovation carried out with the support of the Erasmus + Program.