Fotocomunitat: Noves Normalitats al Poble-Sec exhibition

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Noves Normalitats al Poble-Sec is a community photography project where seven young people from five different countries have photographed the neighbors of Poble-Sec during the pandemic.

On January 23, during the opening of the exhibition, visitors were able to enjoy the various photographs, exchange their opinions and express their concerns about the consequences of covid19 in the neighborhood.

In the photographs you can see how the pandemic has affected businesses, the way of socializing, the loneliness of the elderly, activism or the transformation of daily life in the streets.

Amalia (photo: Xavier Calvo)
Amalia (photo: Dalila Dano)

“What I love now is sitting in the Plaza Santa Madrona and sunbathing” Amalia

Amalia is the protagonist of our poster. She has been around for almost a century. She is happy when the bar waiters bring her coffee.

Until February 20 you can enjoy the exhibition for free in the courtyard of the Centre Cívic El Sortidor.

Photographers: Núria Domenech , Marco D’Amico, Karolina Levanaite, Júlia Massagué, Ibrahima Sory, Xavi Calvo, Alberto Tarragó Durán i Gabriel Horcajad.

Organization: Nexes Interculturals

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