EVS: 200 days in Barcelona

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The end of April marked a new milestone of my EVS experience – I started my project 200 days ago. This means that 1/3 of my project is still ahead, but the end is approaching at an astonishing speed!

As every EVS volunteer who has lived in their new country for at least three months knows that one of the key words of the service is aprendizaje – learning.

I think it is not that new nor exciting to talk about how I am learning the two languages here. I have learned so much more – for example that bread should be bought from a bakery, not from a supermarket. That it is cheaper to fly than to travel by train here. That I’m often considered to be a local. Or how to keep an eye on your stuff in the subway or on a busy street or anywhere to be honest. Or that sometimes it is amazing to have birthday parties on Sundays – everyone is happy to go home at nine. Or that you have to wave to buses as to taxies in the movies, otherwise you’ll be left behind. And which bars have the best tapas in the city, and how it is impossible to go to the store on Sundays… I am always learning something new.

Oh, and a year ago I was graduating from university and thinking about my further plans. I recommend long-term voluntary service 100% to all young people making their plans right now!

Un abrazo fuerte!