Manipulator game in the FESC


Nexes participates in the FESC ampliada by organizing a virtual version of the educational game “Manipulator”.

The explanation of the game, facilitation and subsequent reflection will be carried out through a video-conference platform that allow interaction among participants.

Through the TableTopia platform

It will be on the 18th of Novembre from 17.30 to 19:30  

The Manipulator is a game to reflect on one of the most important problems today: the proliferation of “fake news”, misinformation and media manipulation.

During the game, each player or team will adopt a stereotypical family role: the retired grandfather who believes all the news he hears while shopping, the teenager always connected to social networks, the typical brother-in-law who spreads everything that comes to him through the thousand WhatsApp groups he is part of… With this panorama, all members of the family must collaborate and share what they know to discover which news are true and which are fakes. But pay attention! The bets they will make are blind bets! Therefore, they can always make others believe that they will vote for something and end up doing something else for their own interest.

Will the family be able to cooperate for the common good?
Who will end up winning in this family mess?

At the end of the game, there will be a reflection through participatory methodologies on the current situation of the use of fake news and disinformation.

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