Games are powerful pedagogical tool. In Nexes we try to support the creation and production of educational games.
These are the games we have produced:

Amal-Tikva: live a day in Jerusalem

Amal-Tikva is an educational game that allows you to explore the dimensions of the conflict through everyday life in the city of Jerusalem. Amal-Tikva has its origin in a cooperation project promoted by Nexes association and is a result of the collaboration between a group of professors and educators that took part in this activity.

From 14 years, from 6 till 30 players.


ISSE GAME is a part of a compendium of Initiatives on Social and Solidarity Economy (ISSE) – Community Works, a cooperation project geared towards identifying approaches, strategies and tools to promote the awareness, know-how, development and dissemination of the Social and Solidarity Economy.

The game, designed to promote the knowledge of SSE on a large scale, is designed as an economic simulation game in which players have to make decisions to achieve a final goal (either managing capital, creating a company or even managing their domestic economy), but as they make those decisions the game is showing the consequences they generate in the social environment and possible alternatives.

Inclusion Bridges

Inclusion Bridges is a free-to-play game designed for the “Social Inclusion Out of the Box” and its purpose is to promote social inclusion through creativity, especially among young people.

The monsters of social exclusion have invaded the Earth. Become a superhero with the ability to build magical bridges capable of transforming these monsters into inclusive actions. Travel around the world using 11 different scenarios, transform all the monsters and unlock the hidden treasure against social exclusion.