Don’t stop believing!


Have you ever had a very nice project, and somewhat a bit ambitious but in which nobody put much trust?

One afternoon with my Scout group, in a meeting with my team – we were 5 girls – we had to think of a project to carry out during the year. We came up with a great idea! What if we went to Jersey for about 3 days (a British island near France) to spend it with scouts from there, to experience the cultural exchange and learn how they do Scouting there?

We were then 15 years old and we were dreaming of what could be done without being limited by any restrictions, fears or barriers. It turned out that many barriers came up, both on the side of our surroundings, which did not believe it could be achieved because of our age and “how impossible it seemed”, and on the legal, economic and language side.

About 8 months later, we were playing the guitar and singing around the campfire together with the Jersey Scouts on that island.

Have you ever had a very nice project and somewhat a bit ambitious in which you believed and put so much effort that you succeeded?

That experience 10 years ago made me believe in the ability to carry out projects, as ambitious as they may seem, whatever the age, skills, knowledge or previous experiences one has. It made me believe in the power of the encounter between cultures and in the potential of the empowerment of young people to achieve social changes in our society.

2 years ago I decided to focus my career path towards this area and started a master’s degree in “European and international project management” in France. I came to Nexes Interculturals at the beginning of February to do my final year internship. I will focus on local and European projects on peace education.

My name is Sarah, I am 25 years old, I am French and I will be doing part of my journey with Nexes for the next 6 months!