Peace Culture is a key area to affirm associative values, its message and its global transformative mission. Through international cooperation (understanding as a collaboration between North and South), awareness-raising in Catalonia, the encouragement of networking and other projects (not easily classifiable), Culture of Pau encourages learning, exchange, awareness, multiplication and transformation. The topics focused are mainly the nonviolent resistance of the peoples, training for human rights, democracy, social inclusion, the social and solidarity economy, training for participation and social and community transformation. Attention groups are mainly young people active in their communities, educators / teachers, journalists and media activists, aid workers, cultural promoters, schools and entertainment. The geographical areas of special interest are, apart from Catalonia and Spain, the Meda countries, Africa, Latin America and Asia.

Social and Solidarity Economy

Awareness and promotion of the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) as an economic and life alternative, aimed at young people living in Europe.

Active Participation

Active and community participation projects aimed at young people living in Europe working within the global vision.

Interculturality and gender

Awareness and social transformation towards interculturality and gender among young people living in Europe.

Local and international network

Within the culture of peace area, networking with other entities at local and international level is also encouraged: the objective is to mutually enrich ourselves with knowledge and experiences, add resources and ideas, have effective, visible action and agreed. We are part of networks such as Anna Lindh Foundation, United Network of Young Peacebuilders, CJB (Barcelona Youth Council), XES (Network of Solidarity Economy), Coalition for Palestine; to the past varem, be part of Crossroad, which brought together local networks of youth entities to bring them closer to Europe and Globa-l-inks, with entities from all over the world for social transformation.