Cultural Course: Travel to Syria II

Cultural Course: Travel to Syria II

Until the 19 of December, we offer one course on Syrian cultural heritage every Thursday from 19h to 21h. The sessions will be held by Mayyar, an Aleppo student who lives now in Barcelona.

The course has 2 parts:

The first one: concerns the Arabic language.
Mayyar teaches you a basic level of Arabic: listening, writing, speaking, pronunciation (letters, words, numbers, etc.).

The second one: concerns Syrian culture.
You’ll learn more about the history of Syria and Middle East but also, about the diversity of languages, social relations, religion, music and gastronomic culture (traditional dishes).
We will also talk about the conflict and the civil war in Syria.
The last session is a gastronomic workshop where you are going to learn how to prepare typical dishes from Syria.

Prices of course:
15 € per person who is not member of Nexes
10 € per person- member of Nexes

For more information on the courses, contact us by email :