Have a good holiday!

Since September 2021 and especially since the beginning of this year, we have not stopped! International mobility has accelerated, the Culture of Peace projects have increased and we have dedicated many hours to very motivating but exhausting activities (also). Although we have increased the team and the working days of some of us, we need to …

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Presentación Anna

A los ocho años quería ser veterinaria, escritora, misionera, pintora, propietaria de una parada del mercado y habladora de idiomas.Y me quedaba en blanco cuando alguien me preguntaba: ¿qué es lo que más te gusta?Me gustaban tantas cosas que no sabía qué escoger.¿Por qué tenía que escoger?Bueno. Pues tres décadas más tarde, elegí. Pero antes, deja …

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Migrantour Barcelona goes on TV!

Beteve returns to Nexes Interculturals, to experience first-hand the strength of the Migrantour Barcelona routes. A two-and-a-half-hour walk in which they talk about and visit places in the Raval loaded with interculturality, the fight against racism and neighbourhood resilience with our intercultural accompaniers. Mali explained the origin of her Nahua name, a decisive woman in …

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Report 2021

The year 2021 has been a year of consolidation of the new lines of action in Nexes, full of old and new initiated projects alongside local and international partnerships. We continue our work by enhancing more projects that promote the culture of peace, adapting formations to the virtual environment while also giving space to be …

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Training on “Game design in class as a learning process” for primary and secondary teachers

We have achieved that the 35h course on game design for educators are also recognized by the Department of Education! 5-day training in which the participants (high school teachers) will experience a game design process in small groups, as an educational tool (essentially board games, both card games and tabletop games). This experience will help …

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We are looking for a Project Manager intern!

Nexes Interculturals is looking for the next Project Manager intern for the year 2022. Are you interested in this amazing opportunity? Check out the information below! What is Nexes Interculturals? Nexes Interculturals is a no-profit cooperative which works with the local community and at international level to foster intercultural openness, active participation, and sustainable social …

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