Culture of peace



Save the date! Sunday 15th December we will be at Trocasec, a market to exchange without money! Nexes will do an activity to promote a conscious consume this Christmas. We meet at Frances Boix court library at Blai Street 34, to 10 at 13.

TERO’s guide

TERO’s guide

At the end of this month we will launch the TERO’s guide “ecologic resilience: tools to mobilize youth people”. Shortly you could read a book of ideas and councils to improve the mechanism to mobilize youth people. More information at  

Trip to Syria II

Trip to Syria II, cultural course: going through Arab language, culture, current situation, religion and cuisine   In this project Mayyar, a student of Alep that lives in Barcelona, as last year will propose us a course of 10 workshops of two hours, that will be divided in 2 parts: the first part will focus to a first …

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The art of non-violent resistance – the history of the Singing Revolution in Estonia

Want to find out more about what nonviolent resistance is and how it can help to fight for social change and justice in our societies? Come and learn about nonviolent resistance through the unique historic events that took place during the Estonian independence movement, called the Singing Revolution. The Fundación Catalunya Voluntària, in collaboration with Nexes Interculturals de Joves …

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Youth Day on May 4: Besós-Maresme has fun!

On May 4 in Besòs young people from the neighborhood will come together to create an unforgettable day, where we will enjoy different activities prepared by the adolescents of the community and where everyone is invited to participate. Battle of roosters, concerts, paintball, water gymkhana, escape room and many other activities will be present during the day …

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Social justice and gender justice: the voice to young women

Meet Yasmine, a 23 years old woman, committed for social and gender justice in Europe. During the session, she will present the activity for peace that led her to be recently awarded Young European of the Year 2019. Yasmine champions women’s rights as a Women Deliver Young Leader and she is expert on Peace & Security at the AU-EU Youth Cooperation …

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4th May meeting

We move forward with organizing the 4th May youth meeting in Besòs! Right now we are organizing different activities as water ginkana, concerts, dances and other activities! You mustn’t miss this event! Follow us on Facebook to know more.