Anna’s presentation

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be a vet, writer, missionary, painter, owner of a street market stall and a polyglot.
And I went blank every time someone asked me: what do you like the most?
I liked so many things I did not know what to choose.
Why did I have to choose?
Well, a couple of decades later, I made up my mind. But first, let me tell you something. 
My grandpa Silvino was the only traveller in the family.
He joined any trip he could by bus, car or train, planes were out of the question.
He was afraid the seven bullets that remained in his body after the Spanish Civil War would move with any turbulences, or that he would be stopped at the metal detector. 
So Galicia, his birthplace, and Andalusia, his first host land, were his further destinations. 
My grandma Rafi would follow him
Anyone else. 
But then, where did I get this willingness and curiosity to discover new places and living styles? 
Who knows what made me write in my personal diary, at age 8: ‘I’m gonna take my bike, ride to China and disappear.’
Well, it might have been a serious statement because after turning 34 I moved there to work and live one of the most intense experiences of my life.
I didn’t disappear but, who knows?
Well, my name is Anna and I like to wander in the streets of big cities, red wine, laugh and write. Mole poblano and papa a la huacaína. 
But I would say there’s one thing that I like more than wandering: my job. 
After 15 years of experience in international relations, education, development and intercultural communication, I’m excited to start a new cycle in the Social Justice area in Nexes Interculturals. Both I and my colleagues believe that a better world is possible and achievable.