An adventure called TLN Mobilicat


Doing a professional experience in a foreign country is a great opportunity to enrich a curriculum, develop professional and personal skills, and grow up as a human.

One of Nexes’ main areas of work is International Mobility. We believe that the promotion of this type of opportunity among young women, in addition to all the benefits indicated above, promotes intercultural learning and enhances the professional opportunities of future participants.

Since 2015 we have been working on a programme called TLN Mobility, managed by SOC, in Catalonia. Over the years, we have been able to send a total of 98 young people, with different profiles and educational areas to different countries as Portugal, Italy, Ireland or Germany. Through this programme, participants have had the opportunity to develop and improve their skills, skills and knowledge in a company in their professional sector for three months.

The expenses were covered by the project financed by the European Social Fund (travel expenses in the destination country, accommodation, local transport costs, maintenance – pocket money, socio-cultural activities, travel insurance). Previously, however, they were able to enjoy a process of accompaniment and training to prepare them for the experience. Also, they acquired a new language through the language course by spending 120 hours before departure.

It is true that this type of experience can be exciting, it is a challenge at many levels, an adventure where you are learning and also knowing a new country, a new culture, new people and places… But also, it is defined as a period of doubts and fears, apprehension by the unknown. Exiting from our comfort zone has these two dimensions. In order to accompany them, in Nexes we prepared sessions on expectations, cultural shock, conflict management, group formation, etc. Format, group and individual.  

This year, we have continued to do this project. From March to May 2023, we have prepared 2 groups of young people who will start their work in Portugal and Ireland from now on.

We wish to Alba, Naomi, Carla Ventura, Arancha, Yasmine, Albert Perèz,  Josep, Gemma, Carla Celeiro, Josep and Albert Grané an incredible adventure.