Amal-Tikva: live a day in Jerusalem

Description of the educational game

Amal-Tikva was created in a cooperation project promoted by Nexes and it is the result of the work of a group of teachers and educators.

This simulation game allows participants to take the role of specific characters in the context of Jerusalem, discovering the conflicts and the geopolitical situation in the territory, as well as the situations of injustice, helplessness and tension. This approach of the Palestinian situation through a game play allows, once the game is over, to have a reflection on the situation in Palestine, the difficult living conditions, the causes and consequences of the current conflict and the possible ways of a peaceful resolution.

Age recommended

14-years-old and above

Number of participants

6 to 30 players (divided in teams)

Target audience

> High schools and schools
> Esplais and Scout groups
> Associations
> Cooperatives and companies
> City halls / Town halls
> Civic centres
> Casals and ateneus

A person trained in the subject and experienced in facilitating the game will come to your center. In all cases we require the presence of a properly trained person to ensure the veracity of the contents and the quality of the educational experience.


Game time

3 options:
> Workshop: Game play + Reflection (1h30)
> Training : Game play + Reflection + Conceptualization (2h30)
> Extensive training: Play + Reflection + Topic training (4h)


> Acquire knowledge about the situation of permanent conflict existing between Palestine and Israel and the consequences suffered by the population of the territory.

> Promote actions aimed at resolving the conflict between Palestine and Israel peacefully and supporting the difficult living conditions of the population.

> Promoting a peace culture