Agorà’s Training Course – Methodologies to address gender-based discriminations


From the 25th of September to the 07th of October, Nexes Interculturals had sent five youngsters living in Barcelona to participate in the Agorà’s Training Course, “Methodologies to address gender-based discriminations‘.

The Training Course was divided into two major parts. At the first part, the members of the group had the opportunity to explore methodologies as Body Movement, Clownery, Labyrinth Theatre and discussing the theme of Gender Issues in multiple areas. Some of the themes were: “Gender Discrimination in Education”, “Gender Issues at work”, “Sexual & Ethnic Minorities”, “Gender Discrimination & Gender-Based Violence in Public Spaces”.  

The second part was focused on facilitation techniques and Training in Action. Here the participants were divided in five groups and each group had to develop one tool focused in gender discrimination that can be used in the target group, young people (14-30 years old) from isolated areas. The main aim is in the next steps of the project these tools can be tested and inserted in the next Intellectual Output of the project. The Spanish team has already started brainstorming for the possible activities that they can prepare for Barcelona during November and December.

The Training Course took place in Casa Laboratorio “Il Cerquosino” a beautiful and remote area in Orvieto, Italy. Here the participants got the possibility to disconnect from the world and focused on the training and to get to know each other better, living together and exchanging knowledge with members of other organizations from Greece (BREAK THE BORDERS), France (LE BRUIT DE LA CONVERSATION), Italy (Lunária) and Romania (UNIVERSITUR).

It was possible to build an extraordinary energy of listening and supporting between the group during the training hours and in the free time, that made this non-formal education activity unforgettable. We would like to thank Lunaria, the host of this training, and all the trainers and the participants for the incredible work done during these two weeks.

AGORÀ is a Strategic Partnership project in the field of innovation realized with the support of Erasmus+ Program, and aimed to develop tools and pedagogical approaches to fight young people social exclusion, and specifically gender-based discrimination, in public spaces settled in isolated areas.

The project aims to reach its objectives by implementing several interconnected actions between 2019 and 2022: two Transnational Project Meetings, one Field Research, two International Training Courses, one Tools Harmonization phase, one Tools Testing phase, five different Meetings with Multipliers and one Follow Up phase. The results of these different phases will lead to the creation of two Intellectual Outputs.

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