10 months of European Voluntary Service – done!

10 months of European Voluntary Service – done!

I can’t believe my project has ended and I have returned to Estonia. I feel like all of this was a dream – did it really happen, and with me? Now I realize more and more how well I spent that time. I had the possibility to do so many things: learn Spanish from almost zero, learn to read and listen to some Catalan, travel across Spain and Europe, dance flamenco, eat tapas (patatas bravas!), bathe in the Mediterranean, enjoy the sun, become a true barcelonesa

The truth is volunteering is not tourism. It’s real, everyday life with its challenges, achievements, tears, smiles and much more. It’s missing your family back home, looking for your community in a brand-new country, surviving in a new environment, growing personally and professionally. And after learning how to survive – living!

I went to Barcelona alone, but I didn’t do all of this by myself. A thousand thanks to my team in Nexes, my flatmates, my people in Barcelona – both local and international friends, my family and friends in Estonia. All of you have believed in me and have been at my side in this process and for this I am forever grateful. This has been the experience of my life.

MERCI, as they say in Barcelona, and AITÄH, as they say in Estonia!